3 Ways To Not Suck At Interviewing

I usually suck at interviewing when it comes to hiring someone. The main problem: I talk too much. Many times, I find myself “selling” the prospective team member on the company and the position, rather than doing a proper investigation. While the prospect may end up “sold,” I have failed. After about a week, I wonder, “What have I done?” After …


Father’s Day: Dad is not an idiot

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, I ran across the following conversation on Facebook. I am changing the names of those in the conversation (I only know one of the commenters), but I believe you will find it interesting nonetheless. Please forgive the grammar/spelling. After all, it’s Facebook. Status Poster: Gah that little boy sure does know how to …

Touches & Connections | Driving with Dave Episode 5

Texting, emailing, social media. These are all good ways to connect, but are they the best way to connect with clients, customers and coworkers? In this episode, Dave talks about the value of connecting outside of the digital realm.

Business vs. Hobby | Driving with Dave Episode 4

Do you have something you are passionate about? Are you making money at it? Do you have ideas of the next “greatest thing” but things just don’t seem to be getting off the ground? It may be a situation where you have a hobby and not a business. Dave explains this difference this week.