3 Ways To Not Suck At Interviewing

I usually suck at interviewing when it comes to hiring someone. The main problem: I talk too much. Many times, I find myself “selling” the prospective team member on the company and the position, rather than doing a proper investigation. While the prospect may end up “sold,” I have failed.

After about a week, I wonder, “What have I done?”

After reading many materials on the subject, I have come up with 3 improvements on the process.

1. Have someone else perform the “drive by” interview. Regardless of the position, there are certain things that are universal to all interviews. There is no need for the final decision maker to spend time on this particular interview. A trusted team member can establish qualifications, etc. That person can recommend the candidate for a second interview (or not.)

2. Write interview questions down on paper and fill out answers. This will help keep you on track in the interview. While it won’t cure one’s “gift for gab,” it can move things along.

3. Resolve to not hire today. No matter how desperate you are to fill the position, do not hire the person on the spot. It sets a bad precedent for the relationship down the road. In addition, desperate people view things through cloudy glasses. Things begin to clear after the interview is over.

Remember, it is easier to disqualify a candidate than terminate someone after they have been hired. Avoid unnecessary headaches by following these steps. But beware. There is no fool-proof hiring process.

What are some of your hiring horror stories and what did you do to avoid them in the future? 

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