Changing Seasons, Changing Friends

Did you know that you are the sum total of the five people you are around the most?

This week’s 2 Per-Specht-ives Podcast sees David and Joshua Specht discuss whether it’s beneficial to have friends that span generations, and how you can deal with changing friendships.

Your generational lesson: You need friends across a variety of age groups to get different, more well-rounded views on life.

Your Gen. X Advice: Iron sharpens iron, so we need an inner circle of people who make us better and a larger circle of friends we can enjoy spending time with.

Your Gen. Z Advice: Like-minded people tend to hang out with each other, so be prepared for your friendships to change as your priorities change.

In high school, we all tend to have a small circle of close friends our same age and with similar life experiences. But as you get into the real world, you’re exposed to multiple generations. 

So how do you navigate that and what value can be found in those?

We can all learn something from each other as we go along life’s journey. Being enlightened to each other’s views can make you a more well-rounded person.

Josh says you need friends across a variety of age groups. He believes in having a small group of friends because friendship is one thing, having real relationships with your friends are another. 

Dave notes that friendships spanning age gaps aren’t a problem, but perception can be — people younger than you will believe your age means you have your life together, but older generations are composed of people who are still a work in progress.

No matter the age, both note that friendships are seasonal as life and priorities change. Friends who were close to you in high school tend to fall away due to different priorities and life’s twists and turns. 

Josh advises that it can be scary as friendships change, but you need to be okay with the ones you have, enjoy them, and know it’s okay that those relationships can change.