You Are A Chief. Start Acting Like It

There is a saying that usually used as a negative, “Too many chiefs and not enough indians. ” Generally, this statement is used to describe a situation where too many people are trying to take the lead in an organization or a project.

To avoid this, many people shy away from the idea of leadership, thinking they can “just follow.” This is one problem with that. Everyone leads someone.

John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence. Nothing more. Nothing Less.” We all have some form of influence over another. Therefore by definition, we are all leaders. Follower types cringe at the idea of leading. The word “lead” to them has the same emotional connotation as the word “sales” has to people who think they aren’t salespeople.

Jerry Frentress is quick to point out, however, that we are all in sales all the time. We are constantly selling ourselves. As human beings, we tend to make quick judgments of one another, so we often put on our “best face” when dealing with others. Essentially, we are selling ourselves to them.

Remember the definition from John Maxwell… If you have influence, you are a leader. Be careful, though. Just because you are a leader, you are not necessarily THE leader.

Look around you. There are people everywhere with whom you have influence. Think of your home. Think of your workplace. Think of your school. There are people who look up to you (even if just a little).

Now that you know, what will you do with that influence?

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