Dave’s Book Club: The Go-Giver with Bob Burg

Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.

Welcome to a new segment on this podcast journey called “Dave’s Book Club” where I share interviews, lessons, and analysis from personal development and leadership authors. 

Our first episode in this segment features a previous interview with Bob Burg, author of the “Go-Giver”. 

In today’s day and age, this book has more relevance than it ever has. When I read it, my entire perspective on what I did was changed. I had always been in benefits-driven sales, but this took it to another level.

In this interview, you’ll hear Bob explain how the “Go-Giver” is keyed on shifting focus from getting to giving — which is defined as providing value to others — because it can be a rewarding, financially profitable way to live.

David Specht: The book is in a parable format featuring a character who is a go-getter in sales but keeps failing. Is being a “go-getter” a bad thing?

Bob Berg: Being a go-getter is a great thing because they take action. We know you can have the greatest ideas and sincerest intentions, but unless action is put into the mix, nothing happens.

Dave: In your book you mention the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. Law No. 1 is value, tell us what that is.

Bob: True worth is what you give in value versus what you take in payment. That sounds counterproductive, but we have to understand price and value. Price is a dollar amount, value is the relative worth or desirability of the product to the end user. Money is simply the echo to the value.

Dave: We have to provide before we ask. There’s so many people out there giving great service for no compensation with the hopes that people will see the value and be willing to pay for a higher level.

Bob: When you can give away some value so people get to know who you are and trust you, then you just have to make sure it’s spectacular. And, then make sure when they do pay for a service that it’s even better.

This is just a sample of the discussion, which also includes taking lessons from “The Go-Giver” and applying it to social media, how to identify your value and communicate it to others, and a deep dive into the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and how we can apply this in our lives.

You can get Bob’s book, “The Go-Giver”, HERE.