Don’t wait! Follow through on what you want to achieve

You know the saying behind good intentions. In this episode of the 2 Per-Specht-ives Podcast, your Hosts David and Joshua Specht will talk about how follow through will prevent paving a certain road with them.

Your generational lesson: Achieve your goals with follow through by having a system, prioritizing, setting boundaries, communicating your goals, and finding an accountability partner.

Your Gen. X Advice: When someone else is in play and passes on the responsibility to you, then you are the lead when it comes to follow through.

Your Gen. Z Advice: Follow through is key for growth, and juggling priorities is where follow through can falter.

It happens to all of us: We get an idea and are on fire to see it realized, then an obstacle gets in the way. In that moment is when follow through is essential to seeing our dreams become a reality. 

So how do we push through resistance and follow through on the goals we have set for ourselves?

Develop a system — Whether it’s making your bed or starting a new business, you have to develop a plan to keep those promises to yourself. Keeping that promise will give you momentum in other areas in your life.

Prioritize — A dozen things will pop up and distract you from your goal, so overcome them by figuring out your priorities and setting up your time around those priorities.

Set boundaries — Distractions and interruptions are numerous these days due to constant, instantaneous connections. So, put your phone on “do not disturb” and set a timer for 30 minutes to maximize efficiency.

Communicate — When it comes to follow through, you cannot over communicate. You cannot communicate too early or too often if there are others expecting you to lead.

Find accountability — You need someone who will push you when things are hard or you try to avoid follow through. Having someone who understands your goals and holds you accountable to achieving them is crucial.