Why resolutions don’t work, and what to do about it

Ring in the New Year with the 2 Per-Specht-ives Podcast! You father and son hosts, David and Joshua Specht, talk about how to show up differently in 2022 versus 2021.

The pair rip apart the notion of a New Year’s Resolution and discuss how to rebuild it in the form of a goal that can inspire you to better yourself and those depending on you.

Your generational lesson: A resolution is nothing more than a wish. Set a goal instead because it has a backbone with a deadline and necessary milestones.

Resolutions suck. That’s probably why we never achieve them.

But why? Because resolutions are vague.

So, change your New Year’s Resolutions into goals. A goal has effective steps on how to reach them.

Break it down into a deadline with benchmarks to hit along the way. Change your environment to hit the goal, not change yourself to achieve the resolution.

You can have the same goal as last year, but the vehicles to get there may have changed since last year.

For example: We cannot count on our society returning to the way things were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses change their goals and pivot to accomplish it. That means having to supplement your pay by developing new revenue streams.

Make sure your goals have an impact on your family. It applies good pressure by creating a sense of responsibility to not let them down.

If you show up for people or a cause bigger than yourself, you’ll succeed more often than not.

Here are some action steps to achieve that New Year’s Goal:

  • Have a goal that you physically write down.
  • Set a deadline and put them on/in your calendar.
  • Break your goal down into as many small tasks.
  • Know that a goal takes time and is not a straight line.
  • Recognize it’s all about progress.