Better Together – David and Tina’s Health Journey

Comparisons and complements

In this week’s episode, I am honored to have my wife, Tina, as my guest. She has been my partner in my health journey and I wanted Tina to give you a different voice on that journey. She will give you a new perspective on what our health journey looks like. 

Me: What were the things that flipped the switch on our health journey?

Tina: A little over 2.5 years ago, we were not in our best health. We were going down a road that didn’t look good for us. We loved to eat and I loved to cook. I am a diabetic and was on four shots per day. It’s very expensive to not have your health.

Me: I hear you loud and clear on our reality then, but why did you embark on a journey with Optavia? 

Tina: I have been down this road many times in my life and I have tried different opportunities. I watched friends take this journey and thought knowing someone on this journey personally would help me.

Me: I wasn’t 100% supportive of this journey at first, was I?

Tina: No, I had just finished a different program where I was allergic to the products and couldn’t do it. So, you saw it as just more money wasted.

Me: I saw it as another box in the mail that would be a waste of money. Then, I decided to join you in this journey. When I did that, what was going through your mind?

Tina: I was excited we were doing it together, but knew you didn’t eat vegetables. I figured it would be impossible.

Me: It’s always good to have an accountability partner but if they’re in the same boat you’re in, it can be a stumbling block because they will justify poor choices. So, give me the first few months of the journey?

Tina: I reached out to my coach prior to starting and she asked me to go all in for 30 days. She told me we would be successful and you agreed because you said, “I can do anything for 30 days”, and that “Whatever you put in front of me, I will eat”. The food wasn’t that great, but after two weeks you need to get rid of the junk in your system and change your taste buds. We saw results immediately. We went through detox for 10 days, but once we got through that and your body had good stuff, we felt great. I think I was excited that by the third week, people noticed the change and you noticed a change and that kept us going. 

Within two months, I was off shots. To get off medicine you were told you would need the rest of your life was a huge “why” for me. To feel that good and not need medicine, kept us motivated to go further.

Me: For anyone embarking on a health journey, when you go by a mirror every day, you won’t see the changes. That’s why it’s important for other people to notice the weight loss. There were ups and downs, talk about how it felt to do the journey with me that as a man I tend to lose weight faster.

Tina: At first it was tough because I am competitive and if I can’t win, I don’t play. There were times where I thought it wasn’t worth it. But my coach helped me understand that women’s bodies are different and work different than men, and I needed to focus on myself. 

Me: Tina lost 60 lbs. and became a health coach. We live in Louisiana, which has a culture based around its rich cooking. This journey was counter to our circle of friends. So, tell me about the value of our health community?

Tina: You’re not alone. You have people around you that helps keep your focus and drive going strong. You have to make your “why” bigger than your “want”. 

Me: There is a positive energy in this community. They have struggled the same way we have. When you are given a gift like this, it begins to open your entire life to other possibilities. How has your perspective changed in the freedom created by taking control of your health?

Tina: It has opened a lot of areas in our lives. I have the freedom to do what I need to do. I got comfortable last year because I had never been this small, but now I’ve recommitted to reach my original goal weight. 

Me: Is food addiction a real thing and do you struggle with it?

Tina: It is very real and I struggle a lot. I was an emotional eater, it was a given growing up. We were all about food and we made every gathering about food. It is a habit that needs to be transformed. Because of our community, I was able to change my mindset and look for different avenues when I’m stressed, happy, or bored. Now, I shop instead of shoving french fries in my face.

Me: I would add that when you do stumble or make a choice, knowing that you have a proven method and structure is what gets us back on track. In the health world, there are a lot of before and after pictures. Tell me about the middle. Tell me about how moving from before to after feels like.

Tina: Women’s eyes go straight to the problem spots. I’ve been encouraged to do a before and after each week and realize that this is a journey, not a sprint. And you have 52 pictures for each week, you will see a difference.

Me: If somebody hears this story and is thinking about starting their health journey, what would you say to them?

Tina: I ask everyone to give me 30 days to go all in and do all of it. Almost all of them don’t need the 30 days.

Me: I encourage you to take a hard look at where you’re at. Let’s make 2021 the best year for your health and life.