Is Social Media good or bad?

Just the phrase “social media” evokes different reactions. Social media is a virtual world individually cultivated by and for each of us that wants us to stay engaged with as much as possible. 

The 2 Per-Specht-ives Podcast sees Hosts David and Joshua Specht talk about whether the various platforms that make up social media has actually made us unsocial. 

Your generational lesson: Social media is suitable for any age group, so long as you are aware of how you use it and are using it in a healthy way.

Your Gen. X Advice: Be aware that more often than not, what people put out on social media is not real life.

Your Gen. Z Advice: Know what you use your social media platform for and how that can affect others.

Dave was an early adopter of social media. He says it can be beneficial for staying connected with one another, but also negative and uses political conspiracy theories being shared as an example.

Josh says social media is like being a pet owner — depending on how you approach and treat social media determines whether it will be a “bad dog” or a “good dog”. 

He says staying on social media to interact and stay in touch with friends and family is a good thing. Taking it to politicize people or grow your own influence is a negative use of platforms.

Dave encourages you to be intentional about how you consume social media. Understand that you’re not getting the whole picture of what makes up real life — what you see is getting filtered through the poster’s profile and the platform’s algorithm tailored to confirm your beliefs. 

Josh believes social media has now turned into presenting a positive image to seek approval while hiding your flaws and mistakes. Then, there are people who use social media for ridicule and bullying.

Both agree that it is a tool and encourage social media users to treat it like real life — don’t use it to say or do something that you wouldn’t say or do in real life.