Make a decision already!

This week’s 2 Per-Specht-ives Podcast sees father and son hosts, David and Joshua Specht, coaching you on how not to be paralyzed by making a decision. 

Any big decision in your life will cause discomfort and tension as well as sacrifices, but growth and progress doesn’t happen without making a decision. David and Josh will share their stories about major decisions in their lives to help you take that leap.

Your generational lesson: Make a decision with what you want to be in mind, don’t go into a decision without a purpose. Then act on that decision.

Your Gen. X Advice: You have to make the decision AND THEN take the action that leads you into your purpose. It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to go against the grain.

Your Gen. Z Advice: At the end of the day, decisions are on you. Whether you’re a young adult trying to figure things out or a grown adult changing your life, you have to make tough, unexpected decisions.  

Josh made major decisions in his early life — he decided not to attend college without a goal. He then decided to enter the workforce and head up a cell phone and electronics repair business, before deciding to learn how to manage a newspaper.

Although the further he gets along from graduating high school, he moves further away from actually going to college. But after running a business for four years, he learned more than he would have getting a business degree from a college.

In the end, he’s incredibly thankful he chose this path, because he saw so many people go into college because they felt forced to, without a purpose, and washed out. Now, they’re where he was after high school.

For David, his generation was expected to go to college. Most of his peers would get a degree, work decades for a large company, then retire. He learned early on in his college career that he wasn’t a fit for college and to avoid his father’s wrath, he then decided to join the Air Force. 

Those lessons taught him skills he would need in the workforce and gave him a platform to enter the workforce, where he would later decide to start and lead his own businesses.

His second decision came when his health suffered. He chose to eat food he couldn’t stand at first, but over time that food became more tolerable until he liked all those foods he hated. He then lost well over 100 lbs, got off medicine, and took control of his life. 

Learn more about their motivations and tips for deciding how to make your own decision.