Protecting the environment; it’s not what you think

This episode of the 2 Per-Specht-ives Podcast has father and son hosts, David and Joshua Specht, crossing the generational divide to discuss the importance of creating a positive work environment. 

The pair dive into how work environments affect morale and productivity, how to change your environment for the better, and even what that means in a post COVID-19 pandemic world.

Your generational lesson: You can change your environment by finding out what is important to you, creating daily routines, removing obstacles, and being consistent in effort.

Your Gen. X Advice: Setting an environment isn’t a switch you flip, it’s a process. And, understand that process can change over time.

Your Gen. Z Advice: Create a routine, because your routine is what creates your attitude. By creating a routine in your environment, it helps to make that environment more welcoming.

Your environment around you has an affect on not only your morale and productivity but the people around you or in your workplace.

That can mean what you have on your shelves in your office and seeing weeds growing around the building outside to atmosphere like sounds and smells permeating your business.

People get stuck in their own environment and that can limit your progress, and the more you’re in the same environment, the less you notice the flaws. 

You should want to have an environment that creates a sense of momentum, that gives the impression that things are happening. Changing your workplace environment is about being strategic to give that sense of forward momentum.