Size matters: How to be content but not complacent

The 2 Per-Specht-ives Podcast has reached double digits! In this episode, hosts David and Joshua Specht talk about growing where you are.

The father and son duo explore the benefits of expanding your worldview and growing your mindset, in addition to having the bravery and awareness to seize opportunities. 

Your generational lesson: As you strive to make yourself, your town, or your business a bigger, better version, realize that you’re already the bigger, better version to someone else. That doesn’t mean being complacent, but being content with what you have. 

Your Gen. X Advice: If you have a vision for growth, you have to be willing to be misunderstood, step out, take hits, and see your vision come to pass. 

Your Gen. Z Advice: The size of your problems are relevant to the magnitude of where you’re currently at in life.

We can all get closed minded with our immediate area, social circle, and own day-to-day lives. Sometimes it helps to just go out and realize there’s a world beyond our issues.

Expanding your view shows the world is so much bigger than you realize and your problems are small. If you think you have big problems, then go to a bigger place — your problem is huge to you, but the bigger picture shows your problem is relevant to the magnitude of where you’re living.

So, how do you change that mindset and view? You have to think bigger to find and  take advantage of those opportunities. 

You can’t ever expect a small town to have big city opportunities. The small towns that are growing took the opportunity to change their mindset, be strategic and form partnerships with neighboring cities.

You have to make the decision to grow and take a leadership role to affect that change. And, there will be pushback. It takes people with intestinal fortitude to step out against that push back.

You have to be willing to be misunderstood to step out, take those hits, and see your vision come to pass.