The beginning of a new show

The goal of the David A. Specht show has always been helping listeners grow and evolve. And, sometimes that means even the podcast itself is changing.

Welcome to the next level with a different perspective and new voice. David is being joined by his son, Joshua. 

Together, the two will offer differing viewpoints on timeless lessons ranging from leadership to health and life in general, with the goal of finding a common ground.

With David firmly in Generation X and Josh a burgeoning Gen Z’er, this generation gap between the hosts allows for exploration of a lot of grey areas between traditionally black and white issues.

The goal of this podcast has also evolved to instill confidence in you, no matter where you are in your life. Whether you’re starting your career or approaching retirement age, David and Josh will help you gain experience and the principles to live life with the confidence you need to be successful.

David went from being the young guy to the old guy in the office and doesn’t know when it happened. He hopes to prove his age group with their experienced perspective can still bring their hard earned wisdom to the table but be open enough to see that the “how” is different. 

Josh is part of an age group that is trying to figure out where they are in the world. His generation isn’t focused on college and has more of an entrepreneurial mindset, which he has experienced having been in the business world for almost 10 years.

He points out that many people his age believe they don’t need college but don’t have any alternative set up. As someone who wanted to own his own business instead of going to college, Josh made sure to start working on a career out of high school.

David adds that those who want to be entrepreneurs need to understand the need for an endgame result for that passion they want to follow.

Josh notes that his generation often falls short because it is a “microwave generation” that has had a lot of things done for them already. It creates an attitude where no one wants to try things because they all haven’t had that experience. 

He adds that being able to say “I can do this myself” gives you purpose.

David notes that it’s about the small wins and building your self confidence. He says if we’re not building on small victories then we feel defeated. But building on successes allows us to go into things with the expectation that we can do it.