What the health? Talking COVID, vaccine, priorities

This week’s 2 Per-Specht-ives Podcast hosts, David and Joshua Specht, ask, “What the Health?” and tackle the vaccine issue.

The father and son duo don’t answer whether you should or shouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccination, but they look at it from the underlying health issue to see how the right health decisions can help you no matter where you stand on getting the shot.

Your generational lesson: If you couple a healthy lifestyle with the vaccine or not getting the vaccine, the outcomes will be better than if you don’t put the proper nutrition in your body.

Your Gen. X Advice: There is no medical solution to a lack of health. You can’t medicate yourself to health.

Your Gen. Z Advice: You need to make a decision about the future of your health, and/or remind yourself of your motivation to stay healthy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that health matters now more than it ever has. The lack of health is shutting down businesses and keep kids out of school. This entire pandemic can be overcome, but something else will come along if we don’t prioritize health as a society.

Underlying health issues are crucial when it comes to dealing with COVID, and there are issues you can control. For example, David started a program with his wife and the pair lost 180 lbs. combined. 

Whether you get the vaccine or not, overall healthiness sets you up to deal with and come back from diseases like COVID-19 more quickly. That is why we need to do everything possible so that our bodies can withstand this disease, to the best of its ability. 

People who take care of themselves, do things that boost their immune system. A lot of the adverse effects of COVID coincides with an unhealthy lifestyle. 

You can do that by finding a community that holds you accountable and offers support for you to make healthy decisions. Be open and honest about your choices.

And you need to have the strength to stay committed to your health — that means making the harder, more expensive choices that positively impact your health.