You should not coast on Fridays

I saw the following post on Facebook…

Friday is finally here!!!! Please whisk me away to the beach where the sun shines, the beer is cold, life is simple, the cabana boys are plentiful, and the weekends are endless.

While I am as big a fan of Fridays and beaches as the next person (sans the part of about the beer and cabana boys), there is a disturbing trend among many with regard to this last business day of the week…

Coasting on Friday to the weekend

As a salesperson in my market, it has become a common occurrence that catching up with someone on a Friday afternoon is next to impossible. People seem to think the weekend starts somewhere around noon on Friday.

When did this happen? Did it start with “Casual Friday” and evolve from there?

As an someone who wants to outperform the competition, and be valuable to my company, I feel the “Friday Coast” is detrimental.

Fridays are good for…

Sales. If you are in a good mood because the weekend is almost here, then your prospects probably are as well. Get out there and see them before they take off.

Planning. Even if your contacts have bailed early doesn’t mean you have to. Use this time to get next week in order. Pencil (or type) in important deadlines and dates. Get your materials ready so you can hit the ground running next week.

Learning. If all is quiet around the office, then cue up some training videos on the computer. Find things that are applicable to your line of work and get educated.

Meetings. Before you discount this with rolled eyes, just follow me for a moment. I often meet with my leadership team on Friday over lunch. We bring take-out food into the conference room and review, learn, brainstorm, etc. We then set action steps to follow through for the next week. The Friday meeting is more relaxed than any others during the week. On Monday, I touch base to see if my team has thought about the discussion over the weekend. More times than not, they have.

If you love what you do, then hopefully weekends are nice, but not the focus of each week. Give your all every day — not just Monday-Thursday.