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Change is messy, and other obvious things

Recently, I sat down with my good friend Tom Hammel, author of The Life You’re Meant To Lead. In a turn of events, he interviewed me for his podcast, Our Cultivated Lives. During the interview, we dove into the realities of change, using my family’s journey from Louisiana to Tennessee as an example.

Here are the show notes.

Change is messy, so be mindful of that before and after the change.
Change is a process that requires an open heart and mind.
Change requires courage that is contagious to others.

The Cultivation Podcast is exploring a season of change with the return of a special guest, my great friend David Specht. His own season of change has gone hand in hand with my own.

David was born and raised in Louisiana and after moving away to serve in the U.S. Air Force, he had lived in roughly the same place for 30 years. Within nine months, David and his family felt the call to move to middle Tennessee.

That move required a lot of unpacking, both physical and mental. He had a legacy connection to that community in Louisiana, he represented the area as a previous chairman of the chamber of commerce, and he had two sons and a grandson living in the same town.

Sound familiar? David’s story is proof that when you are in the right circles, a lot of other people have experienced the same pivot points in their lives.

His story is also proof that when you consider all the ingredients of a change, be mindful of the messy side of a change on the front end — like shock and rumors within your current community — and the backside — an entire family living in one house, or a new car note because it doesn’t fit your new garage.

But the important thing is to know that messiness is not a sign you made the wrong decision.

David points out to not judge a change by the messiness, judge it by the progress. Look at the new relationships being formed, and the new community being built that you can help.

He advises to have your heart and mind open to the discovery process of the change. You won’t have all the details and it may feel like organized chaos but focus on how you’re growing.

That courage to change will help someone find their courage to change. Change isn’t always drastic but inspires people to make the change they have been desiring.

David is proof that if YOU have a desire for change in your heart, you can be wise about it and seek advice. But you are the one who has to decide and the “future you” is waiting for you to make that courageous decision.