Triggering your good habits

This morning on my daily “Keep This In Mind” live show, I talked about how I’ve been setting the alarm for 6:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. After I get up, there are several things I do:

  1. Use the restroom
  2. Drink some water
  3. Make coffee
  4. Read the newspapers (on my ipad)
  5. Review my list for the day
  6. Brush my teeth
  7. Take a shower

This morning routine gets me ready to tackle the day. I’m sure there are some elements I need to change/update, but you get the point. However, it is the alarm that triggers the list.

Triggers are key to building habits, both good and bad. In this habit loop, the trigger is the alarm (or even the threat of the alarm) that sets things into motion. This morning, I woke up before the alarm, but the act of waking up triggered me into the routine seen above.

On the flip side, a trigger in your life may be a comment from another person or sitting down in a Mexican restaurant. That basket of chips may trigger you to overeat.

Recognizing triggers is the first step in creating healthy habits, which can lead to healthy routines. In our health system, we teach our clients how to react to negative triggers, so they retain control and make positive choices, while building healthy habits.

What triggers do you recognize in your own life? Could you write them down and address them?

Until next time…