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Turn on Your Dreamer: A Journey from Dreams to Reality

Hey there dreamer,

Today, I want to take you on a journey—a journey within yourself. I have a question that might make you pause and reflect: “If you knew you could not fail, what is the dream you have for your life?”

Take a moment to envision it. Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Where would you be in your career? What would your home and relationships look like? This dream is uniquely yours; there’s no right or wrong answer. The key is to let yourself dream.

But why do we need to dream? Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist, teaches that thoughts are formed before the mind dwells on them. When we dream, we become the creators of our thoughts rather than mere reactors to stimuli.

Dreaming opens us up to a world of possibilities. We start to see the world through the eyes of the dreamer—the one unburdened by fear or doubt. Think about it: kids aren’t afraid to dream. They dream big and limitless. So, what happened to us as we grew older? Our dream limits were set by learned behavior, including trauma and societal expectations.

Now, let’s follow the path from dreams to reality: Dreams lead to goals, goals lead to plans, and plans lead to actions. You go there in your mind before you go there in your body.

So, how do you tap into the power of dreaming? In the book “Sprint” by Jake Knapp, he illustrates how companies like Google solve big problems using whiteboards, sketches, and prototypes. Creating something visual, whether it’s a drawing on a board or a dream board, activates the creative mode in our brains. It’s like flipping a switch that turns on your inner dreamer. Even if you can’t draw, dream boards can be made from clippings from magazines to illustrate your vision.

But here’s the final and most crucial piece of the puzzle: Why is this your dream? What makes it important to accomplish this dream? Understanding the why behind your dream will propel you from the dreaming phase to the goal-setting phase.

So, if you’ve never built a dream board, maybe now is the time to start. If you have one tucked away, gathering dust in some closet, maybe now is the time to revisit it. I just want you to turn on your dreamer. You can thank me later.

And if you want to connect further about how I can help you turn your dreams into actions, let’s chat. Schedule a time via my Calendly link: Click Here.

Dream big, my friend. Your journey from dreams to reality starts now.

Until next time…