Partnering with your future self

The David A. Specht Show is back and David starts with an exercise for listeners. He asks them to visualize the “5 years down the road” version of themselves. Once listeners capture that images, he challenges them to partner with that person to become that person. He also offers steps to take while on the journey to the best version …

Episode 17 – The Obstacle Is the Way

Have you ever had a week where everything seemed to go wrong? Was “Murphy’s Law” in full effect in your life? David had a week like that, but gleaned the truth behind the statement, “The Obstacle is the Way.” Our breakthrough is usually just on the other side of the obstacle, but few want to go that way.

being intentional

Being intentional is not that easy

Being intentional has become a “buzzphrase” of sorts, especially in leadership. However, acting on that phrase is a lot more difficult (at least initially) than it sounds. At one time, I had the privilege of hosting a church life group in our home. During one of our meetings, we discussed “meditating on God’s word.” Blessed is the one who does not …